Leo's Journey

Changing his world …… with the help of his friends …

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Leo is now a lively and articulate 4-year old with a wonderful sense of humour and a wisdom beyond his years. He is set on being a “super-hero” !

His cerebral palsy means that he cannot stand without support and wears leg splints night and day. He can walk a few steps with the aide of his walker, but tires very quickly. He is often in pain from his stiff and unyielding joints.

He attends the Enable Ireland Clinic in Bray, Co Wicklow with his regular weekly visits to his therapist, Lynn, who is a wonderful support and friend. With his parents Julia and Stuart and other family members, he enjoys a very special environment.

Leo is a brave and resilient little boy and he will need lots of courage to face his challenging journey. The uniquely special bond between the triplets means that Leo’s future is inextricably bound up with those of Matthew and Emily. He is fortunate in having them as such loving companions who anxiously watch over him and give him their unique brand of support and encouragement.

SDR (selective dorsal rhizotomy) would offer him the freedom to move independently and enjoy all the things that come naturally to his brother and sister. He dreams that he will one day stand tall with them.
Leo's Journey
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